I am incredibly excited for Titanfall 2. I was not one of the masses who bought the first game, bought an Xbox One, and expected that game and that console to change their entire lives. I did get the game quite a bit after the fact and all the DLC for a steal. I played the game with the legions of people who still hold it down on a nightly basis in that game. I leveled my stuff up a lot and I had a great time getting to know the game at my own pace.

I am glad that I play games in this fashion. I don’t really want to be part of the “conversation” because then the conversation gets infested with yes-men who only know what to say critically, concerning games because they listened to the latest episode of the coolest podcast on iTunes or Youtube show. I am glad that I generally wait for the price of games to go down. I am glad that I wait for server issues to get worked out. I am especially glad that I play the game with people who like the game and have learned to figure out the game’s systems and will teach those systems to you as a new player because it can only strengthen the community.

background pictureBecause I wasn’t one of those people that had serious issues with this game, because I didn’t hang all my hopes on this one game to hold my attention for the first few months of my console’s life, I was able to find a great game that was fun to play. I wasn’t invested in the back-story because it was apparent that the developer wasn’t very concerned about the story. I am sure that there is some lore master at Respawn that believes they told a great story in the first game but I would point that person to the internet and to this reviewer – the story was nonexistent, or at very least forgettable.

It is because I played this game as a multiplayer game only that I can say I didn’t need a story mode in Titanfall 2. I am glad it is there. It looks like it could be a big dumb action movie of a story mode, which I can definitely get behind. I just hope that Respawn didn’t add this new story mode into the game to appease all of those people who didn’t play the game the first time around – those people who never came back to the game, even after all the content that was added to the game. I hope that the story mode brings in the people who didn’t enjoy the first game or didn’t try it at all and I hope it appeases fans too.

I would love a story mode in Titanfall 2 that is reminiscent of the story mode in Mortal Kombat 9. I hope that it is just big dumb action with an equally dumb story. I hope that it makes everybody laugh and have a great time with somebody sitting on the couch next to them. But, most of all, I hope the single player campaign is short so people will get online and take advantage of the game that Respawn always wanted to make – a great multiplayer game with fun mechanics.

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