The Most American Console is Bringing Back the Most American Controller (read: fat)


It has been announced that “The Duke,” one of the worst controllers ever made is making a comeback later this year. The news coincides with Microsoft’s announcement that they will be bringing original Xbox games to the Xbox One. (Fuck! Microsoft’s naming conventions are stupid.)

Hyperkin, an accessory maker, has announced a partnership with Microsoft to bring an updated version of “The Duke” to the Xbox One. The new controller will feature the required additional buttons needed for the Xbox One, a recharge cable (which means it will be wireless), and a logo display screen…I have no idea what this is. Is it just going to be like the PS4’s touch-pad but even more useless?

I never actually owned “The Duke.” I purchased my original Xbox after Microsoft started putting the smaller Controller S into their American retail boxes. I definitely used one of the bulky controllers and never really liked it even then, which makes me wonder why they are doing this. Are that many people going to buy a crappy controller based on nostalgia?

Microsoft have a lot going for them I am interested in their new console and they seem to be the only console maker that is making a concerted effort to collect their back-catalog in one place, which I very much support. I don’t really think putting out a controller that everyone hated 20 years ago is the best move, which might be why they are partnering with another company to do so instead of wasting their own money putting out the thing themselves.

The Power Glove was much more of a beloved controller that was ten times more useless than “The Duke” but even it has never had a reissue. We might be witnessing the downfall of western civilization before our eyes. John Wayne is probably rolling in his grave right now.