OWR Games Podcast: Episode 05

Green OWR Games logo with black boarder around the edgeWha? What? Episode 5? Where did episode 4 go?

In short, it is lost to the aether. Once I add a donate button to the website I might be able to retrieve it from the aether, but I would need to purchase a few things before I can do that. I need…

Magic BitchUntil all of that can happen, let’s talk about this week’s podcast. I has been some time since we have last met. Rodrigo Carballo (@naco402), Sam Contreras (@samsonc84), and I, Paul Smith, (@sopachuco13) are here again to talk about games. We all talk about how awesome Titanfall is going to be. Sam talks about The Walking Dead, Strider, and Dragonball Z: Raging Blast. Rodrigo talks about Ryse and Dead Nation. I talk about my region locked DS, Metal Gear Solid Disk 1, and MLB: The Show. We finish up our first segment with, what might be, the very first late title card in a podcast. (We’re rusty give us a break.

leave jack tretton aloneAfter the break, we get into some news of the week: Amy Hennig‘s departure from Naughty Dog, how bad journalism is bad for the industry, Rodrigo wants to talk about his own personal pain behind the loss of Jack Tretton, and we go back to the well on Kojima’s new Metal Gear game.

At the end of the podcast we present you with our “Bare End,” which is the snappy name we came up with, on the spot, for the final segment in which we talk about some of the movies we have been watching. This week we talk about spoil The Lego Movie, Non-Stop, 300: Rise of an Empire, Riddick, Thor 2, and The Wolverine. Let us know on Facebook or Twitter if you like the “Bare End.”  

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