Q-games dead hungryI just got done playing a VR demo for Q-Games’ Dead Hungry. Dead Hungry is a VR cooking game experience a la Cooking Mama. The object is to feed the approaching zombies from your burger shack. Most of the objects in the burger shack can be handled and thrown at the zombies to turn them human again, but only the tastiest treats will do. There are a lot of interesting options that are available to the player, but some combinations will make the zombies vomit; putting pizzas on the burgers, throwing buisness cards at the zombies, pulling the light bulb out of the ceiling and making a burger out of it, etc.

Oculus RiftBeing that this was my first VR experience, I had a lot of fun (it helps that there was an audience behind me that I could help entertain). I was one of the now shrinking mass of people who didn’t find VR very interesting, but then I tried it myself and now I can say that I am a convert. I don’t think that every VR experience will be a great one but I thought this experience, at this time and place, was really fun and interesting.

The game was developed by Q-Games. My friend Chris Nimmo, developer of A Mini Falafel Adventure, went to 58 Diner last year based on Dylan Cuthbert’s recommendation. He said the food was really good so we had it again this year but we didn’t go to their shop. This year 58 Diner has a food stand at the back end of the convention hall to help feed all of the walking dead attending BitSummit. I thought the food was really good but the size was lacking for a fat American guy who walked 3 miles around the convention hall.

The game will probably bring a lot of buisness to 58 Diner because of the cross promotion at the convention. I am not sure how feasible it will be to have that promotion in the actual game when it releases but we’ll find out when it releases.

Unlike before I actually tired to play a VR game, I am excited for the correct VR experience for me. My favorite Japanese phrase is 十人十色. It means “to each his own.” There is a bit lost to translation but it tends to help me remember that we are all different but we all have a place in this world and now I finally realize that I have a place in the VR world too.

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