Waypoint had an interview with Lorne Lanning late last year. I read the interview at the time but after reading it again the things that Lorne said really resonated with me. His talk about us being the powerless in a society where corporations and greed are the most virtuous qualities for people. It’s good to see that some game creators are thinking about non-traditional heroes; the Everyman.

I liked Abe’s Odyssey when I was young. I’m not going to lie and say that I ever beat it. It was a difficult game and my OCD to complete everything in a game was really challenged by that game because I always wanted to collect all the Mukodons.

It’s nice to see a game producer call out games like Call of Duty and other war games where the main objective is to just murder people without much thought in the world. Of course those games have a story mode and sometimes that story mode challenges us to think but at the end of the day those games are really selling war which America doesn’t really need any help selling.

I feel compelled to give the Abe’s Odyssey franchise another go. It would be a shame to only listen to the message of the game and not experience it myself.

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