I Don’t Really Need Any More Information


When it was announced that Masaya Matsuura, the creator of PaRappa the Rapper and Keiichi Yano who created Gitaroo Man were getting together for a new project titled Project Rap Rabbit I didn’t need to see anything more than the teaser trailer that accompanied the announcement.

After seeing this concept gameplay video that was released last week I am excited for this game to be made. I have never donated to a Kickstarter and I might just be part of the problem but I am also not someone who gets overly excited about games even though I consider myself a video game maniac. There is something about this game that just touches me in the right place.

I can remember playing the PaRappa the Rapper demo a thousand times when I first got my PlayStation because I didn’t have enough money to actually buy any games. I think NanaOn-Sha brings back those memories for me whenever I play one of their games. I really love Yano’s rapping in this video and I hope that they will stick with his voice for the finished product, or at least make it an unlockable.

Sadly it was announced¬†on June 20th that Project Rap Rabbit did not make it’s campaign goal on Kickstarter but “I gotta believe!” that this game will get picked up in the future. I would love to see this game done right no matter on what console it calls home.