The Gran Turismo franchise has always been on the cutting edge of technology and Gran Turismo Sport, the newest addition to the franchise is no different. In the past Gran Turismo was usually the centerpiece in the Playstation lineup, a product that showed the rest of the Playstation development community the possibility of eking out jaw-dropping visuals on each respective console generation.

willow springs with balloons The PR video above Polyphony Digital released for Gran Turismo Sport at this year’s E3 was more of a promotional piece for Gran Turismo as a cultural touchtone than it was a tech demo for the Playstation 4 as a piece of hardware. This could be because of the similarities in hardware between Sony and Microsoft or it could be because Polyphony Digital wants to position itself differently this generation compared to other generations.

gt sport live steam Gran Turismo Sport looks great from the videos that are out there and I don’t think there should be any question in fans minds that it will once again be a classic example of driving beauty. Since the architecture of the Playstation 4 is so similar to that of the Xbox One, I wonder if this game will be that far ahead of Forza in the looks department. I can’t do any side-by-side comparisons to gauge which game has better this or better that, all I can do is play each game and critically figure out which one aligns with my own tastes.

prospective coverLast generation, GT5 and GT6 were like two sides of a coin. GT5 was a good game but because of development issues it lagged behind in more areas than it excelled at. GT6 seemed like Polyphony’s desire to show the world that they could make a great game in under a century that was packed with a lot of the stuff that was missing from the first Playstation 3 developed GT game. GT6, in my mind, was the ultimate racing experience of last generation; it was such a tighter product than GT5 or any of the Forza games.

GT Sport looks like it will be the follow up to GT6 that Sony fans want from Polyphony. It looks like they are getting into live streaming and the development team is focusing on online features that will bring the all corners of world together to play this one game. In this way, GT Sport looks like it has a chance to be a worldwide phenomenon; the kind of phenomenon that Gran Turismo games have always strived towards. I’m looking forward to being able to play the game with my own Playstation 4 controller when it comes out November 18th 2016.

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