owr games logo on the cover of alone in the darkOWRGames’ next One Word Review will be for the original, the classic survival horror game Alone in the Dark. Alone in the Dark, appearing four years before Resident Evil, was the first game to scare audiences with a realistic horror setting and tank controls – the staples of the survival horror genre. It was released to rave reviews, according to Wikipedia and a brief look at reviews around the internet, but it is hard to see those technological advancements now.

I never played the game at the time. I bought the games last Christmas during a GOG sale – GOG has the four original games for sale on their service. I bought the first three games which were offered in a package.

The sound in the game is something that I was surprised with when I first played this game. The opening demo scene really brought me in to the idea of the game without giving away too much, this is obviously the purpose of a demo scene but it was no less engrossing. I can definitely imagine how the sound would have blown people away when the game was first released.

The graphics are a harder sell. I am sure that at the time this game was the hottness but it looks like hot garbage now. It is harder for me to image the graphics as having been good but I’ll do my best on this second run through.

I already have a word bouncing around in my head for this game. Hopefully, this play-through reinforces my choice or I figure out a better word to use in my One Word Review. Join me for a run through Alone in the Dark.

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