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The peak of Olympus hath been shorn asunder, Zeus’ own chair landed in Omaha, NE. But, in other news, the OWR Games Podcast has been uploaded to the iTunes store. Click to subscribe

The audio quality of the first episode is sub-par. I need to buy a new microphone. It’s gonna happen soon, but if you listen and enjoy the podcast please bear with us for little while.

In the inaugural OWR Games Podcast Rodrigo Carballo and I, Paul Smith, talk about ourselves a lot. Let you know about who we are as people. Of course, sticking with the theme of the website, we also talk about some of our favorite games and genres.

So, if you want to listen to a podcast done by two guys from Omaha who have eclectic opinions and personalities, download the OWR Games Podcast from iTunes. When you realize that two demigods that Zeus begat can also speak Spanish and Japanese respectively don’t forget to rate us on iTunes. After you hear the mixture of ideas getting bounced around the Pandora’s Box of this podcast don’t forget to rate us on iTunes. When you discover that we are worldly men that know the highs of Mexico City living, but we are also men who know the lowly yakuza dens of Kabukicho, DON’T FORGET TO RATE US ON iTunes.

cuteWhen you see that we are just cute, cuddly nerds don’t forget to rate us on…iTunes.

The next podcast will be up this weekend. よろしくおねがいしまぷふふふ



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